2015 -New- Yamaha MT-09 DEMO UNIT

Was: $13,999.00

Now: $11,495.00

The Yamaha MT-09 represents the next step in sport bike development. Light, powerful and delivering thrilling performance in everyday conditions, the MT-09 is ready to bring an exciting and addictive new dimension to sport riding.

This 850cc 3-cylinder naked motard-style design is a new concept that combines strength with guile. The MT-09 is about emotion, character, excitement, agility and control. Its surge of raw, linear torque is available instantly throughout the rev range for adrenalin-charged acceleration.

At the same time as having a wave of characterful torque waiting to be unleashed, this revolutionary new 3-cylinder bike also pushes out serious quantities of class-leading horsepower to give the MT-09 a leading power-to-weight ratio in the upper mid class. Weighing in at less than a Yamaha YZF-R6, this light, powerful and agile motorcycle is designed to excite and surprise riders brought up on more conventional designs.

The arrival of the MT-09 marks more than just a new chapter in Yamaha’s evolution. This new-wave 3-cylinder naked motard offers an exciting new alternative for riders who understand what the shape of a torque curve means. Sport riding will never be the same again.

Road Bike:2015 -New- Yamaha MT-09 DEMO UNIT
Colour:Burnt Orange
Gears:6 speed
Engine:4 stroke
Engine capacity:850 cc
Date listed:29 Jul 2014

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2015 -New- Yamaha MT-09 DEMO UNIT
2015 -New- Yamaha MT-09 DEMO UNIT