2009 -New- Yamaha FJR1300


Aquired in 2010, an excellent price for an excellent model

2009 Yamaha FJR1300AE

Yamaha's electronically controlled clutch-less shifting makes this model the definition of smooth.

The 2009 Yamaha FJR1300AE has a reputation as one of the world's great sport touring motorcycles. The "AE" designation puts an interesting spin on an incredible bike. The YCC-S system with its auto clutch and convenient hand operated electric shifting has revolutionized Sport Touring. Betcha most riders own an automatic car... hummm.

YCC-S … four letters that have revolutionized the Sport Touring segment.

Performance, comfort, and convenience. Sport Touring has never been so effortless.


Supersport touring perfection.

All the performance, confort and refinement you expect from an FJR with effortless electric shifting. Thanks to a revised computer operated clutch, Super Sport touring has never been so smooth.

A revolution in sports touring

The FJR1300AE represents a revolution in sports touring. It has all the strengths of the award-winning FJR1300A with the additional benefit of YCC-S (Yamaha Chip Controlled – Shift), a clutchless gear-shifting system that takes the fatigue out of long days on the road. You can change gear by foot, as normal, or use the thumb shifter, but with no need to operate the clutch. The idea is simple – take away some of the hassles of riding and increase the pleasure.


2009 Yamaha FJR1300AE Highlights:

- Fuel Consumption * 17kpl/47mpg(Imp)
- Revised transmission and auto clutch
- All new ABS System

Road Bike:2009 -New- Yamaha FJR1300
Gears:5 speed
Engine:4 stroke
Engine capacity:1300 cc
Date listed:29 Jul 2014

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2009 -New- Yamaha FJR1300
2009 -New- Yamaha FJR1300
2009 -New- Yamaha FJR1300
2009 -New- Yamaha FJR1300
2009 -New- Yamaha FJR1300
2009 -New- Yamaha FJR1300